Rules of Life

I've always held that there's only two rules in life:

  1. Know your place

  2. Know your audience.

Now, I just said always, but the truth of the matter is that this revelation dawned on me just a year or two ago. Before then, I paid no mind to my place among others, and I certainly had no grasp on the audience I was dealing with.

It's not that I live in a fantasy realm, nor do I hope or dream to one day ascend to heaven or whatever the case may be. I've always been quite grounded, but only in terms of how I perceived myself. When reality one day not too long ago revealed to me that there was much more to life than just work and paying bills, I denied it.

The truth is quite unbelievable. And that's the problem with liars: they're easy to believe, and much easier to believe than the truth. Given the harsh truth or a comforting lie that makes things easier, people will prefer the lie. On the flip side, the truth only hurts when we are living a lie. Then, of course, there's the different types of lies:

  1. Deceptive lie

  2. Manipulative lie

  3. White lie

  4. Criminal lie

  5. Lie of omission

  6. Lie of believing a lie as truth

  7. Lie of preventing the truth in others

  8. Lie of scorn

I'm sure there's more, but these are already more than a normal person can hope to comprehend. After all, there's only one truth. A deceptive lie is one in which a person tricks another with false information for their own gain. A manipulative lie is one in which a liar purposely does harm to another either for their own gain or for the thrill of their suffering. A white lie is one in which someone mistakenly believes all parties involved would be better off if the truth were withheld. And so on and so forth; I'm not a dictionary.

Problem with lies is simple: God is truth. So, by that logic, a lie is an act against God. There's more to that point, but this isn't a religious speech. The deal with Swampy involved considerable amounts of lies right from the start. In that regard, the narrator labeled himself as swampy for having been in contact with Swampy (capital S), but the truth is that blaming another person is just another type of lie all over again.

Further to the point, having discovered a few years back that our whole universe is the inner workings of the hell created by this allegedly Satan, then how the hell would a human being hope to encounter such a being on this tiny planet. Childish physics theories aside, if he created this whole universe that we are trapped in, then he certainly is much bigger than we can imagine. That said, knowing our place in the cosmos is once again lost to conflicting theories.

At the center of our milky way galaxy is the black death star Sagittarius A,. or so have I claimed thus far. Perhaps though, it's much worse than I could have imagined. If a black death star is worse than a black hole, and nothing imaginable is worse than the black death star draining the light and heat out of our existence, then I'm afraid I've got quite the imagination, because suppose it was a hole of sorts. Not a hole in the sense of a scientific event having gravity and mass, but a hole in the sense of a rip in our existence where Satan's bigger demons are slowly working their way through from hell, and the vacuum suction effect of these black holes is our creation being pulled into hell as these beings invade our dimension.

Just a theory, though, and not a very good one, but one worth writing about if not just for the sake of writing about them. Perhaps, then, this is a good thing, because then we get to witness God defeat these mammoth creatures in the cosmos first hand. Though I dare the blasphemy, the idea of finding peace for myself and everyone else on this planet has become quite the priority for me. And in my case, hate and anger are the real weapons against God, so as much as I fail, I continue to strive to attain inner peace through nonviolence, no matter how ridiculous imitating Jesus might be in this day and age.

Back to the original point, there are two rules in life: know your place and know your audience, and I am a firm believer that none of us have a firm grasp on either of those two simple rules. Had we obeyed those two rules long ago, we would now still be in the safety of a distant kingdom far outside the reaches of this cold black event horizon pulling our system into its clutches. The gravitational pull of our center cluster, Sagittarius, is so powerful, the wake caused by the layers of life being pulled apart into her offers a nice cool dark escape from the otherwise burning hot normals of hell everywhere else, despite our inability to see past our own event horizon we are trapped inside.

Everything we have come to know, and everything we believe we know is not only complete guesswork, but also not very good guesses either. Escaping this gravitational pull on our whole solar system is not something humanity will ever achieve on its own. And as noble as it is to try, it seems a precious waste of resources better spent on a less selfish solution. The only solution if there ever was one, is the one Jesus offered but nobody listened. Again, we are presented with a time when the stars align and a rescue is possible, but when a superior alien race takes one look at our planet from a distance, they'll be damned if they're going to help us survive the clutches of the death grip in our future.

The answer is peace. But not some fake peace or pretend-peace we can forget and dismiss once the coast is clear. This is a paradigm shift of global proportions, and if we're lucky, it will stretch out across the cosmos. That's a long shot, but it beats launching rocket ships into space hoping one will magically overpower the force of gravity pulling on our solar system with enough momentum to drag us at speeds approaching the speed of light without us ever knowing.

The Earth spins on its axis at 1000 miles/hour every day. Wow, that's fast. Meanwhile, the sun is hurtling through the galaxy at speeds upwards of 27,000/km/hour. Now that is unbelievably fast. That's fast enough to circle the Earth in an hour. At that speed, our sun is bound to collide with another star or speed up as it approaches closer to the black hole center of our galaxy. And that center has a recorded number of over a dozen black holes lingering together with one mega black hole at the center. That's explainable, however horrifying. See, the megadeath star Sagittarius spits out solar flares so massive, that they break free and become mini black holes orbiting around her. That's how massive she is. She spits out flares big enough to become their own megadeath stars. Well, that's hell for you: balls of fire so hot, they turned black and suck all life out of existence.

As for the devil: there's no deals. Nobody makes deals with the devil. That's foolish. We are his prisoners, and by that logic, bound by the laws he set in place when he created this hell. We can find peace inside of ourselves, but outside, be aware that something far worse than a neighboring country with a finger on the bomb awaits us, and any day, an invasion could render humanity extinct overnight. After all, who's to say alien races are the same size as us? Maybe they're microscopic. Or maybe they're bigger than planets. Who knows. But I do know that there is life outside planet Earth, and the less attention this planet draws itself, the safer it will be. For example, launching all those exploratory satellites broadcasting radio signals in every direction--not good. We should definitely stop that immediately. Like, stop launching into space altogether. There is nothing but death up there.

We need to know our place and our audience. And if we begin to focus on knowing each other as our neighbors not our enemies, we can begin the steps necessary to save this planet, because in a universe built by Satan, nobody cares how religious we are or how close to God we think we are. But if we achieve global peace, then it matters. Until then, we need to come up with a plan B, but I don't think my idea is going to work.