How Words Travel Further Than Our Greatest Journeys

You start by reading a few words, and thinking so what? He wrote something--big deal. Then, a few words later, you're wondering why you don't just stop. Then, you stop questioning yourself and suddenly lose yourself into the meaning behind these words, and there it is: a comfort of sorts; similar to beer and cigarettes on the weekends, but the anticipation of dreadful hangovers and ever expanding recovery times is replaced with the worry and uncertainty of what will replace this feeling I've magically managed to transfer to my anonymous readers across invisible walls and electronic circuits that nobody has really understood since Alexander Graham Bell stopped call Edison. Now, that's diffusion--I'm letting you down gently, because I know how strong my love is and how much virtue such exposure can steal away from potential students, friends, and lovers (in the way that doesn't involve sex of any kind.) You question what just happened, and glancing up a few sentences, you confirm that it was all just a figment of my imagination imposed with the power of angelic will suggestion, and now, before I let you go and wonder why the page only worked that one time and leave you wondering what the hell you just experienced and what coding language is hidden under those bits of Javascript that made you feel like crying to God even if however briefly in joyous celebration... Hey, that's how I feel all the time. I was born that way. I have enough love and light inside of me to burn this planet down until nothing remains but my disappointment in allowing the darkness to confuse and derail me from my voyage. There it is again. You feel me now, I know. Next time you read this, you will understand, what I have is not something I can give you, or share with you, or have taken away from me, or ever anything overpower my will power, because the only thing greater than my faith is the one who came and restored it for me long ago. Now, I ask you this? What do you prefer? That God is offering us all salvation if we just but accept it graciously, or that the end is the destination and our direction is ever accelerating at speeds approaching fractions of the speed of light and our only hope is to continue living in opposition to the easily definable utopian society we all unanimously prefer. That's all. I can teach. I can heal. But I can't do anything with hate fueling the intentions of those who need us most. Yes, there's more. We don't expose ourselves often, only when one is strong enough to withstand the darkness. One last note: I will live a long time, and in that time, I will vote many neighbors into the heaven around us you are still questioning. But when I finally pass on to my next adventure, only those confirmed shall understand true life, find the path of the true way, and take one step closer to the eternal kingdom, but only with me are you able to truly be alive. smile that's honest platonic love surrounding us as it always does. Lol, a lot of it is mine, so I'll be taking it with me when I go, but now's a good time to collectively paradigm shift into a new paragraph coming soon... bye?!