Brand Standards

The three categories below highlight the main values upon which Papoose research and journalism establishes itself as a uniquely entertaining, wildly interesting, and extremely detail oriented team of writers, ranging from technical training materials, regulatory documents, scientific research, social journalism, fun fiction, and hopefully more writers to grow as the brand grows. We'll see.

Unique & Creative

Reading something once is already boring enough. Articles passing Papoose's strict guidelines of creativity and uniqueness must have their audience on the edge of their seats, even if its a short process manual for a pharmacy client or an escape plan to trick aliens into rescuing us, Papoose guarantees two things: no other publisher delivers this level of quality and adventure. In the interest of time, some new writers and reporters may have some considerable delays if attempting to submit any genre for the unforeseeable future.

Integrity & Virtue

Journalism and Research by Papoose are presented to the public with one simple concept in mind: if you're a good person, would you be proud to offer the article to heaven, and on the other side, would you risk upsetting the devil with a page filled with nonsense. Luckily, writers of Papoose Publishing are only concerned with what is best fore the good, and in that light, for everyone else as well. Truth is neither subjective nor objective, but we'll get to that. First, the people across the globe deserve to know who they are, where they are, and what life has to offer.


Well, this will be a first, especially since the closest anybody else comes to the news of the future is getting the weather wrong. If it already happened and it can't be changed, then that's not news, that's that. Time to start thinking of the children who haven't even been born yet, because when we all look a newborn baby in the eyes and tell them we love them, our actions should match those words. So, category three is about the future, not science fiction possibilities, but exactly what and where and what we're going to do together. Remember Option B.