MindForWords GamePlay Rules


And so begins the rules intertwined and interlaced with the reality of the outcomes of players face to face.

As the credits transfer from buyer to stranger, the balances shift in the app with unknown favor.

The system is built to measure virtue in action, neither side can be cheated whether holy or greedy, and sides quickly shift without notice or just cause, which is to say just cause you morphed, doesn't mean there wasn't just cause.

So, always blame yourself for the color of your light, continue to learn through games, and learn ween life from the night,

To be clear...

Each rule starts with a pair of matching phrases, one for Blue lights and one for Red lights. The phrases are double entendre expressions, so speaking either sentence out loud will sound like the other sentence. These two

Rule 1

  • Thus begins the rules of the keepers of the light.

    • Blue: Won blessed word develop into integrity dragon mountain

    • Red: When blistered devil hopin' to win tiger, it a draggin' men down

  • The Blue Light is earned as players learn virtue and knowledge. The game is designed to measure

Rule 2

  • Dove aloft endure happy

  • Devil often due repay

  • Gameplay credits awarded to all active players each day for a total of 100 gameplay credits.

  • Gameplay tokens can be purchased in increments of $1.00 USD once per day for 100 Gameplay tokens.

  • Tokens can be used in any of the available games in whole integer increments for an exchange of each Token adding 100 Gameplay credits to the selected game.

  • A heaven cent cannot be bought.

  • If no blue or no white remain in play, a golden ticket is redeemable for a free heaven cent.

Rule 3

  • Blue: Won bless token, develop another virtue love anew

  • Red: When bliss taken devil open other virtual avenue

integrity, inner calm hence. But swampy a dance, 'ore turns blue to reds

? No one'on no? Reintergrate